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Premieres 23/24

A woman is wearing a fluffy lion costume. Her left hand is in her hair. Behind her stands a man with his stomach to her back. He is wearing a white collar with frills and a black cap.
Next date 18.3. UA English Surtitles
Als lebten wir in einem barmherzigen Land
Should we show mercy to the merciless? • By A. L. Kennedy
Next date 26.4. UA
A very personal text about saying goodbye to the earth • By Elfriede Jelinek
In the background you can see a torn screen on which an oversized image of a doll's head is projected. A man stands in front of the screen with his back to the viewer and his arms and hands in the air.
Next date 5.3. English Surtitles
Der Sturm / Das Dämmern der Welt
A circular borehole into the madness of war. • By William Shakespeare & Werner Herzog
Next date 5.4. UA
Free agent in free fall. • A Comedy by Nora Abdel-Maksoud
Wiebke Puls stands behind a bar with her arms crossed in front of her body. André Benndorff, Edmund Telgenkämper, Johanna Eiworth and Edith Saldanha sit in front of it and contort their faces.
Next date 25.3. English Surtitles
Im Menschen muss alles herrlich sein
What happens when political systems disintegrate? • Musical ensemble piece about mothers and daughters • Adapted from the Novel by...
A group of elderly people walk along a white tunnel. On the wall, two younger women write in black paint: "Place: Paris. Name: Anne. Date: 26.7.23"
Next date 3.3. UA English Surtitles
Liebe (Amour)
Experience the last year in the life of a loving couple • A Play Adapted from the Film by Michael Haneke
Next date 3.4. UA German surtitles English Surtitles Invited to the festival "Willkommen Anderswo" Bautzen
Ха́та – Zuhause
What comes after hate? • A tightrope walk with music and dance • with Ukrainians (Part I) and Russians (Part II) from Munich • by...
Johanna Eiworth four times side by side. The increasingly pink and spiky costume turns her into a rose.
Next date 23.3. UA
Die Möglichkeit des Bösen
Close-up on a Secret Pleasure • Based on a short story by Shirley...
Next date 6.6. UA
Die Verteidigung des Paradieses
An End-Times Fantasy Based on the Novel by Thomas von Steinaecker
Next date 22.3. Otto Falckenberg School of Performing Arts
Die Welt wird irr an ihren Früchten
A Shakespeare project • Annual production Otto Falckenberg School •...
Next date 8.3. UA
Frau Schmidt und das Kind aus Charkiw
Europe Trilogy, part II • By Anne Habermehl •  
Next date 25.3. UA
Fünf bis sechs Semmeln und eine kalte Wurst
On Innkeepers’ Daughters and their Mothers • With Texts by Lena...
A huge stage set made of various metal elements stands on a stage. In front of it, the ensemble, dressed in black, runs in different directions.
Next date 4.3. UA
In Ordnung
An Ensemble Dance Piece by Doris Uhlich
Traute Hoess, Elias Krischke, Marie Bonnet, Maren Solty & Martin Weigel are sitting or standing in a cowshed. There are black pebbles on the floor.
Next date 5.3. UA
Three Snapshots of Bavaria • By Christoph Frick & Lothar...
Otto Falckenberg School of Performing Arts
On Waves
Graduation production at the Otto Falckenberg School
Next date 12.4. Otto Falckenberg School of Performing Arts
Unter dem Milchwald
A play for voices by Dylan Thomas • Live radio play with 2nd, 3rd...
Next date 7.6. UA
Very Rich Angels
An Intergalactic Musical • By Madame Nielsen & Christian...
You can see 4 different people. The focus is on a man sitting at a reception desk. Behind him, separated by a wall, is another man. He is in an office that can be seen. In front of him is a table with an open file on it. The man appears to be having a conversation.
UA English Surtitles Next performances in May 2024
WoW – Word on Wirecard
A Play by Anka Herbut
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