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A memory workshop with young people

 Werkraum
 Premiere: 25.02.2023
 Werkraum
 Premiere: 25.02.2023

A school class in 2433 discovers a time capsule. It contains centuries-old records from young people of the same age who, in 2023, were investigating their own present and recent past. The discoverers explore the stories of a violent past that they know from history books, but which does not appear in their family stories.

How do we interlock collective memory and individual family biographies? Based on a comprehensive series of workshops, this evening of theatre created together with young people questions our culture of remembrance and expands our understanding of history. How does collective memory work when the Nazi past is less and less intertwined with people’s family biographies?

In cooperation with
  • With: Marko Brkic, Nikola Bruder, Dilara Demiriz, Ela Demiriz, Aziza Zinar Elias, Hassib Fazli, Klarivio Karzan Hermiz, Esad Giritlioglu, Jinan Jaballah, Karim Maamar, Amirhusyn Musawi, Ervin Nimanaj
  • Text & Direction: Martín Valdés-Stauber
  • Stage & Costume Design: Janina Sieber
  • Lighting: Wolfgang Eibert
  • Video: Amon Ritz
  • Dramaturgy: Prodromos Tsinikoris
  • Assistant to the Director: Rebecca Maria Fischer
  • Stage and Costume Desgin Assistant: Yue Ying
  • Stage Manager: Hanno Nehring
  • Theater Pedagogy: Elke Bauer, Pauline Hutterer
  • Technical Production Management: Adrian Bette
  • Technical Production Management Assistant: Simon Räde
  • Artistic Production Management: Angelika Koch
  • Artistic Production Management Assistant: Victoria Iglesias
  • Voluntary Social Year: Hannah Röther
Dates & Tickets
Sat 10.6. 19:00 – 20:10
Anschl. Publikumsgespräch
Sun 11.6. 18:00 – 19:10
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  • Werkraum
  • Premiere: 25.02.2023