Horror und andere Sachen

A horror dance with live direction by Tiziana Pagliaro, the ensemble and team

 Werkraum
 World premiere
 Premiere: 12.5.2022
 55 minutes
 Stroboscope
 Do–Sa: 25€, So-Mi 20€, unter 30 Jahren: 10€
 Werkraum
 World premiere
 Premiere: 12.5.2022
 55 minutes
 Stroboscope
 Do–Sa: 25€, So-Mi 20€, unter 30 Jahren: 10€

Do you want to play? — Tiziana Pagliaro brings the characters of her imagination to life on stage.

“Everybody kills themselves, well, they have to pretend to. It’s just theatre, you can do that here.” (Tiziana Pagliaro)

It all began in 2016 with 100 litres of beetroot juice and 100 white shirts which Tiziana Pagliaro and three actors used to create a performative horror piece with live direction at the Theater HORA in Zurich.

In her new work at the Münchner Kammerspiele, she is following up on the joy of special effects, thrills and spills, dance, fighting, family configurations and Bruce Lee films. When is something a game and when is it serious? Who or what can people turn into in horror movies? What makes getting the creeps fun? And where does the horror of everyday life lurk?

Tiziana Pagliaro directs live at each performance. Her direction instructions, the performers’ movements and the music (from live DJ Remo Beuggert) work with and exaggerate motifs from the repertoire of horror effects and pop culture, developing a trance-like pull. Not for the fainthearted!

In co-operation with the Theater HORA – Stiftung Züriwerk

In cooperation with
  • Artistic accompaniment to the direction Nele Jahnke
  • Theater pedagogical accompaniment of the director Anna Fierz, Magdalena Neuhaus
  • Assistant Director Melina Dressler
  • Artistic Production Management Victoria Fischer, Maja Polk
  • Production Management Theater HORA Adrian T. Mai
  • Authorship & Ideas Katharina Bach, André Benndorff, Remo Beuggert, Olivia Ebert, Dennis Fell-Hernandez, Anna Fierz, Nele Jahnke, Frangiskos Kakoulakis, Magdalena Neuhaus, Tiziana Pagliaro, Marlene Pieroth, Leoni Schulz
  • Costume Design Intern Dunja-Maria Münch, Cassandra Wegner
  • Stage Manager Hanno Nehring, Barbara Stettner
  • Intern Valentin Schacherl
  • Technical Production Management Jonas Pim Simon
  • Stage Master Felix Weindl
  • Stage Machinery Michael Preusser, Stefan Wickop
  • Lighting Maximilian Kraußmüller, Parthasarathi Sampath Kumar
  • Sound Ulrich Treutwein
  • Video Anouk Maier, Ikenna David Okegwo
  • Make-Up Sylvia Janka, Caroline Montfort
  • Costumes Pavla Engelhardtova, Iroha Kaneshiro
  • Props Dagmar Nachtmann, Heidemarie Sänger
  • Metalworker Jürgen Goudenhooft, Stephan Weber, Friedrich Würzhuber
  • Carpentry Stefan Klodt-Bussmann, Wolfgang Mechmann, Hannes Zippert
  • Decoration Anja Gebauer, Gundula Gerngroß, Maria Hörger
  • Scenic Painting Evi Eschenbach, Jeanette Raue, Ingrid Weindl
  • Stage Sculpture Maximilian Biek
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Digital introduction by the director Tiziana Pagliaro

Digital introduction by the dramaturge Olivia Ebert

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