Hungry Ghosts

By Anna Smolar and the ensemble

 Schauspielhaus
 Premiere: 22.10.2022
 Schauspielhaus
 Premiere: 22.10.2022

A theatre company is rehearsing a play – a farce. It is supposed to be funny and playful and simply brilliant: a door opens, a door closes, a lover, a husband, and so on. But the rehearsals suddenly become uncomfortable. For reasons unknown, the female lead has lost her sense of comedy. The director goes berserk, a bad mood settles like mildew over the entire crew. And suddenly, strange things happen that indicate a carefully suppressed history. Polish director Anna Smolar, known for devising plays with choreographed and musical elements, sets off in search of our repressed experiences and traumas, both individual and collective. What do the ghosts of the past demand, especially the more – and the more expertly – we keep them hidden?

  • Assistant to the Director: Melina Dressler
  • Assistant Stage Design: Leonard Mandl
  • Assistant Costume Design: Leika Lütke
  • Prompter: Sandra Petermann
  • Stage Manager: Hanno Nehring
  • Intern Dramaturge: Lara Bos
  • Live Translator: Shannon Harris
  • Surtitles: Sprachspiel
  • Technical Production Management: Jonas Pim Simon
  • Artistic Production Management: Gina Penzkofer
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Spielzeit 22/23
The Ones to Come
Dates & Tickets
Sat 22.10.
Hungry Ghosts
  • Schauspielhaus
  • Premiere: 22.10.2022