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niedoskonała utopia / an imperfect utopia

A show about the lies on which life is based
By Noémi Ola Berkowitz, Martyna Wawrzyniak, Ensemble 

 Schauspielhaus
 World premiere
 Premiere in Warsaw: 22.10.2022/ Premiere in Munich: 25.7.2023
 1 hour 30 minutes
 10-50€, under 30 years old: 10€
 Schauspielhaus
 World premiere
 Premiere in Warsaw: 22.10.2022/ Premiere in Munich: 25.7.2023
 1 hour 30 minutes
 10-50€, under 30 years old: 10€

“maybe being queer is the natural, wild state of being. maybe to ‘queer’ is simply to meet yourself and all others with curiosity and compassion rather than judgment.”

In this world of meticulously constructed gender norms, do people have a chance to be themselves? Isn’t what we’ve been taught from childhood as “natural behavior” one big oppression, a container, or even a prison? Can we imagine a queer utopia without shame and stigma? With a love of freedom for all forms of desire and expression instead of power for select groups?

We explore these questions in the German-Polish performance project “niedoskonała utopia / an imperfect utopia”, directed by Noémi Ola Berkowitz. In a joint research, the ensemble, consisting of two players* from Münchner Kammerspiele and two players* from TR Warszawa, explores various strategies to shake off the history of oppression and rehearsed mechanisms.

“niedoskonała utopia / an imperfect utopia” is an immersive evening of play in which performers and spectators become very close.

A research into a queer utopia beyond the here and now; “niedoskonała utopia / an imperfect utopia” is a hybrid of liberation and camp, of intimate confessions, queer theories and private enlightenment, of lies and truths, of different languages and their failure, - in which the impossible dreams finally appear in the right costume!

This production is the first in-house production of the artistic partnership between TR Warszawa and Münchner Kammerspiele. Both theaters are committed to experimental exploration of new forms as well as contemporary material. “Don’t leave reality alone” is the motto with which the Kammerspiele started a new artistic directorship in 2020, and will also be part of the TR Warszawa’s season, which is themed “turn on the full spectrum” and will focus on themes of queer culture.

Following the performance on Wed 26/7, TRACE will give the concert YOU KNOCKED ON MY DOOR TO SEE THE STARS.

  • Assistant Director Claudia Kaunzner
  • Assistant director Wojtek Sobolewski
  • Stage Manager Stefanie Rendtorff
  • Directing and Dramaturgy Intern Carolin Bernklau
  • Stage Design Intern Mara Yakuba
  • Costume Design Intern Liz Bromberger
  • Artistic Production Management Angelika Koch, Magda Igielska
  • Technical Production Management Jonas Pim Simon, Adrian Bette
  • Stage master Marcel Homack
  • Stage machinery Friederike Rückauf
  • Lighting  Tankred Friedrich
  • Lighting Weronika Patan, Falko Rosin
  • Sound Paolo Mariangeli
  • Make-up Caroline Montfort, Miriam Funck, Sylvia Janka
  • Costumes Marija Ruzic
  • Props Dagmar Nachtmann
  • Carpentry Michael Buhl, Stefan Klodt-Bussmann
  • Locksmith Friedrich Würzhuber, Stephan Weber, Jürgen Goudenhooft
  • Wallpapering Gundula Gerngroß, Maria Hörger
  • Painting hall Evi Eschenbach, Jeanette Raue
  • Theatre sculpture Maximilian Biek
  • Surtitles Yvonne Griesel (SPRACHSPIEL)
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Theaterdonnerstag am 27.7.
Music: You knocked on my door to see the stars
Concert by TRACE After the performance of "niedoskonała utopia...