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Hello, dear young people, pupils, students, teachers, theatre activists of all ages! Here you can come into real contact with the theatre, have a direct line to our artists and full access to all the artistic means we use at MK. We offer guided tours, workshops, talks with artists and other meeting formats. This is where we continue our education together.

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Mou 4.12. 17:00
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Abo: Donnerstag weiß Night talk afterwards with students of LMU English Surtitles
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Mou 11.12. 19:30
World premiere Abo: Montag grün For TUM students 5€ English Surtitles
Abo: Zweitaufführungsabo English surtitles Introduction from 6:30 pm MK: Junge Nacht
Thu 4.1.24 16:00
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Fri 12.1.24 16:00
All Abled Arts Take part
Fri 12.1.24 18:00
All Abled Arts Take part
All Abled Arts Take part
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All Abled Arts Take part
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Abo: Dienstag orange English surtitles Followed by audience discussion For TUM students 5€ Introduction from 7:00 pm
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Introduction from 7:30 pm MK: Junge Nacht Uraufführung
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You just want to watch theater for now?

For those who just want to watch first, there is the Kammerschau, a guided tour through our theater, where we open all doors. At the Open Rehearsal you can experience how we make theater. And at the Junge Nacht (formerly Theaterdonnerstag für junges Publikum), there are two exclusive tickets for ten euros and, after the performance, a drink and conversation with the actors who were just on stage.

Audience in the Therese-Giehse-Halle before the performance
Next date 4.12. Take part
A guided tour of the theater with the Kammer Club
Next date 13.12. Take part
Open rehearsal: „Der Sturm / Das Dämmern der Welt“
See what is being performed before the premiere.
Next Junge Nacht
Abo: Zweitaufführungsabo English surtitles Introduction from 6:30 pm MK: Junge Nacht
Introduction from 7:30 pm MK: Junge Nacht Uraufführung

You want to think, talk and participate?

MK: Campus is the place for everyone who wants to really get into a subject. For an entire weekend, you watch theater and position yourself in artistic workshops. The Kammer Club is staffed by the young outside eyes of the Münchner Kammerspiele: a group of young theater lovers who bring in themselves and their interests, show their position, are communicators in the city and occupy their own spaces in the theater.

Illustration of eight young, very diverse people sitting around a table.
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Kammer Club
Stand up for your theater utopia!
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Campus #14 „Ха́та - Zuhause“
A workshop weekend

You want to make theater yourself?

The MK:ollektiv is a laboratory for young artists. You write texts, act, make music, costumes or videos and you want to bring what is really important to you on stage in exchange with others? We give you the space, the stage and professional feedback. The annual vacation camp around easter is for everyone who wants to immerse themselves in the cosmos of theater for five days at a time. In theater workshops you will develop your own performance and present it to an audience. In the Theaterlabor Neuperlach we develop art actions for the district. Together with and for Neuperlach residents.

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Macht Theater!
Eight Munich theaters host a day of action: Ten workshops for...

A laboratory for young artists between 16 and 24 who develop their own artistic potential through artistic exchange with others.

Vacation Camp

Discover the latest vacation camps here!

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More theater for school and university

We create space for creative encounters between theater and school and theater and university. We welcome questions about our plays and are happy to make recommendations for any group that wants to visit us. Before or after a visit to the theater, our actors and dramaturges come to the school and university to talk. We accompany W- and P-Seminare as an external partner through their projects and offer cooperation with university seminars on specific content.

The MK: Schulcampus is our flexible format to connect all types of schools with the current play schedule. School classes can follow a theater production over an extended period of time, attend rehearsals, and participate in workshops on a production.

The Theaterkonferenz is a series of events for teachers who want to playfully explore the content and form of contemporary theater at the Münchner Kammerspiele. Each of the meetings focuses on a current MK production. Text material is sifted through, the thematic focus is explored and the aesthetic peculiarities are targeted. There will be play, rehearsal and experimentation. And then it’s off to the stage in the Glasspitz above the rooftops of the city with all the collected stories and the various perspectives.

We are open to all ideas that combine teaching and theater and are eager to develop individual collaborations with you teachers.

Next date 8.12. Take part
Theatre conference for teachers
Material for theater and school: A practical examination of "Fünf...

Cultural Partnerships

LMU goes Kammerspiele

Once a year at the beginning of the semester

We have been LMU’s cultural partner since the 23/24 season! Our exclusive offer only for LMU students: a fun night at the theatre of the city.

In the 2023/24 season, we invite TUM students to six theater evenings at the Schauspielhaus with an exclusive program.

Do we stay in touch?

Once a month, you will find theater tips for your seminars, workshops and more. The direct line for teachers and lecturers to the artistic education of the Münchner Kammerspiele!

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