Folgen wir den Zukünftigen

No war!

As part of a SISTERHOOD with Ukrainian artists, we are taking a stand for open and free societies. We condemn the attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine. President Putin is destroying the European peace order. His war endangers millions of lives.

Our joint festival “Entfernte Nachbar*innen” (Distant Neighbors) in December 2021 showed not only the artistic inventiveness of our Ukrainian colleagues, but above all our shared concerns and urgencies. Our mission, at the heart of our SISTERHOOD, is to create theatre that bears witness. We are frightened by what we have to witness now.

As a European civil society stakeholder, the Münchner Kammerspiele is committed to peace and a civil society-based foreign policy. We realise that in the current situation the task is on us to intensify our collaboration with Ukrainian artists. They and the Ukrainian people have our full solidarity.

Statements from our joint festival „Entfernte Nachbar*innen“ (Distant Neighbors) in December 2021 as part of our SISTERHOOD with Ukrainian artists. „School of Resistance: Practices from Euromaidan to Belarus“ With: Polina Gordienko, Vlad Troitskyi, Kasia Wojcik, Stas Zhyrkov Curated by: Martín Valdés-Stauber

Ayzit Bostan x Münchner Kammerspiele

Die Münchner Kammerspiele haben seit der Spielzeit 20/21 ein neues Corporate Design. Von Anfang an gab es die Idee, die Restbestände alter Merchandising Artikel nicht ungenutzt zu lassen. Im Gespräch mit der Münchner Designerin Ayzit Bostan entstand die nachhaltige Idee, Upcycling mit einem Spendenaufruf zu verbinden. Ayzit Bostan hat die bestehenden Merchandising-Shirts mit dem Recycling Logo von Gary Anderson neu interpretiert, die ab sofort für einen guten Zweck verkauft werden.