Photo: Emma Szabo


Die dritte Generation

Screenplay by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Director: Charlotte Sprenger
A 2021/22 year group production
by the 3rd year of the Otto Falckenberg School of the Performing Arts

 Werkraum
 Premiere: 28.1.2022
 2 hours
 German
 Stroboscopic Effect, Gunshot Sound, Sexualised Violence
 10 euros
 Werkraum
 Premiere: 28.1.2022
 2 hours
 German
 Stroboscopic Effect, Gunshot Sound, Sexualised Violence
 10 euros

Can we comprehend the society in which we live? How will it finally change? In the bleakness of the German winter of 1978/79, a group of young people are seeking ways to escape the bourgeois and capitalist circumstances that are contributing to the progressive destruction of the world and themselves. Surrounded by the media noise of global news, controlled and monitored by the police and financial markets, they play with the knives and forks of left-wing terrorism. Their strident gestures against the systemic outside are grotesquely empty. Their own relationships – rehearsed within their families and the patriarchy – become the actual scene of the necessary revolution, as do the dynamics within the group as “the maximum of possible coexistence” (RW Fassbinder). Featuring eleven students from the Otto Falckenberg School of the Performing Arts, this production by Charlotte Sprenger examines the rebellion and depression of a young generation.

Invited to the 38th Bayerische Theatertage in the “Next Generation/Theatre Schools” category.

Performance Rights: Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt am Main

  • August Nellie Fischer-Benson
  • Bernhard von Stein Isabell Antonia Höckel
  • Rudolf Cornelius Kiene
  • Franz Walsch Joshua Kliefert
  • Hilde Mia Maria Müller
  • Petra Lea Reihl
  • Edgar Gast Alvaro Rentz
  • Gerhard Gast Sammy Scheuritzel
  • Ilse Hofmann Nils Thalmann
  • Susanne Arina Toni
  • Paul Florian Voigt
  • Stimme von P.J. Lurz – eingesprochen von  Anna Gesa-Raija Lappe
  • Directed by Charlotte Sprenger
  • Stage Design & Costumes Aleksandra Pavlović
  • Music Jonas Landerschier
  • Lighting Design Stephan Mariani
  • Dramaturge Olivia Ebert
  • Sound Thomas Schlienger
  • Technique & Props Leo Algrang, Maxi Blässing, Paul-Friedrich Günther
  • Assistant Director & Stage Paula Schlagbauer
  • Assistant Costumes Leika Lütke
  • Technical Production Management Rainer Bernt
  • Stage Master Felix Weindl
  • Stage Machinery Stephan Preusser
  • Stage Lighting Diana Dorn, Michael Pohorsky
  • Make-Up Artist Lara Merker
  • Costumes Jessica Watermann, Andreas Biberger
  • Decorator Maria Hörger, Anja Gebauer
  • Scenic Painting Evi Eschenbach
  • Stage Sculpture Maximilian Biek
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