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A project by Falk Richter & Anouk van Dijk
Text author and director: Falk Richter
Director & Choreographer: Anouk van Dijk

 Stream
 109 minutes
 German with English subtitles
 Strobe Effect
 8-80 Euro
 Stream
 109 minutes
 German with English subtitles
 Strobe Effect
 8-80 Euro

How do the interruptions in the way we live together, the way we organize ourselves politically, and the way we do business, touch the biographies and bodies of the performers? Physical touching and proximity transform from a sign of affection into a potential threat. Falk Richter and the choreographer Anouk van Dijk contemplate, together with their ensemble, a phase of profound upheaval in their very personal creative work-in-progress that is positioned between dance and theater.

  • Assistant to the Director: Noémi Ola Berkowitz
  • Costumes assistant: Anna-Leena Rieger, Janina Sieber
  • Stage design assistant: Ji Hyung Nam
  • Assistant stage design: Émilie Cognard
  • Choreographic assistant: Jenia Kasatkina, Verena Pircher
  • Stage manager: Julia Edelmann, Josef Hofmann
  • Prompter: Sandra Petermann
  • Translation and surtitles: Melanie Müller, Louisa Sausner
  • Artistic production management: Christina Schabert
  • Directing & Dramaturgy Internship: Nadja Mattioli
  • Directing Intern: Helena Beck
  • Stage design intern: SongXin Wang
  • Costumes intern: Christina Jendreiko
  • Technical production management: Adrian Bette
  • Stage machinery: Susanne Haslinger, Michael Preusser
  • Lighting: William Grüger, Peter Weberschock, Wolfgang Wiefarn, Nikolas Boden, Weronika Patan, Diana Dorn
  • Sound: Ulrich Treutwein, Paolo Mariangeli
  • Video: Thomas Zengerle, Jake Witlen
  • Props: Anette Schultheiss, Sabine Schutzbach
  • Make-up: Elvira Liesenfeld, Thomas Opatz, Marisa Schleimer, Steffen Roßmanith, Sylvia Wollmann
  • Costumes: Jessica Watermann, Angelika Stingl, Fabiola Maria Schiavulli, Pavla Engelhardtova, Friederike Diemer, Arite Pissang
  • Carpentry: Erik Clauß
  • Locksmithery: Friedrich Würzhuber
  • Upholstery: Gundula Gerngroß, Christian Petzuch
  • Painting room: Evi Eschenbach, Jeanette Raue
  • Theatre sculpture: Maximilian Biek
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