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Anti War Women

How women threaten the war
by Jessica Glause and Ensemble with music by Eva Jantschitsch
World Premiere

 Schauspielhaus
 World Premiere: 31.3.2023
 Schauspielhaus
 World Premiere: 31.3.2023

In the middle of the First World War, over 1,000 delegates – including from the warring nations – met at the “Peace Palace” in The Hague for the first International Congress of Women. This was all the more courageous because the outbreak of war marked the dissolution of many emancipatory movements, with a large number of early feminists now preferring to serve on the home front. But there were also other, radical thinking, European-oriented female pacifists and women who advocated freer models of life. Many of them left their mark on Munich: the German-French writer Annette Kolb, the women’s rights activist Anita Augspurg and Munich’s first gynaecologist Hope Bridges Adam Lehmann among many others. In this sequel to her successful production Bavarian Suffragettes, director Jessica Glause once again brings archives into a fascinating dialogue with the present, piecing together fragments of memories and legacies to form an engaging necromancy. Could there have been any alternatives to the primal catastrophe of the World Wars? And which visions of feminist peace politics and a non-violent society could inspire us today?

In connection with “Anti War Women”, the performative intervention “in my hands I carry” (concept and direction: Miriam Ibrahim) can be seen at selected performances.

Part of "Female Peace Palace", a joint project between the Münchner Kammerspiele and the Monacensia im Hildebrandhaus. The project is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.
  • Assistant to the Director: Marion Hélène Weber
  • Stage Design Assistant: Yue Ying
  • Costume Design Assistant: Heloá Pizzi Mauro
  • Stage Manager: Barbara Stettner
  • Prompter: Sandra Petermann
  • Surtitles: Agentur SprachSpiel - Yvonne Griesel
  • Operator Surtitles: Fernanda von Sachsen Gessaphe, Melanie Müller
  • Directing Intern: Ella Hengst
  • Stage Design Intern: Kilian Lössel
  • Dramaturgy Intern: Marie Fuchs
  • Technical Production Management: Carolin Husemann
  • Artistic Production Management: Angelika Koch
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Premiere: 14.4. Female Peace Palace
in my hands I carry
An Intervention in Response to Mary Church Terrell • Concept and Directed by Miriam Ibrahim
Theaterdonnerstag am 20.4.
Dates & Tickets
Fri 31.3. 20:00
Premiere Abo: Premierenabo
Sat 1.4. 20:00
Abo: Zweitaufführungsabo
Fri 14.4. 20:00
Abo: Freitag orange English surtitles
Thu 20.4. 20:00
Abo: Donnerstag grün Theatre Thursday English surtitles
Sat 22.4. 20:00
Abo: Samstag grün English surtitles
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Anti War Women
  • Schauspielhaus
  • World Premiere: 31.3.2023