Photo: Leonard Rössert


Wer immer hofft, stirbt singend

Repair of a revue
Based on stories and motifs by Alexander Kluge

 Schauspielhaus
 World premiere
 Premiere: 2.4.2022
 1 hour 50 minutes
 Thu-Sat: 15-45€, Sun-Wed: 10-40€, under 30 years each seat category: 10€
 Schauspielhaus
 World premiere
 Premiere: 2.4.2022
 1 hour 50 minutes
 Thu-Sat: 15-45€, Sun-Wed: 10-40€, under 30 years each seat category: 10€

One hundred percent fun with an intrepid circus show — An evening about basic trust and the possibility of art against all odds!

“Can you find anything without hope?” Alexander Kluge’s stories consistently relate how obstinacy and a sense of basic trust spur people on to a never-ending search for happiness. “Utopia is getting better and better while we wait for it,” writes the author, filmmaker and TV creator, who has always given spoken theatre a wide berth: “My texts and films are anti-dramatic” – even when they centre on “artistes in the Big Top”, an “embezzled front theatre” or light entertainment genres such as operetta and musical revues. Now, at the Kammerspiele, a small group of happiness-seekers, bomb-disposal experts, masters of repair and other one-trick ponies take on the challenge of Alexander Kluge’s exuberant work, perhaps in an imaginary circus ring, or perhaps just among the remains from last night’s show. “He Who Hopes, Dies Singing” – in peril and dire need, a loving “fight with hopeless material” begins a series of learning processes, an experimental arrangement – not least for the theatre – which, during the coming months, will be complemented by readings and discussions. What can be defined as a “rehearsal” in the face of a constantly growing mountain of material and what a “premiere”? And isn’t every effort to repair something actually a first attempt?

In cooperation with
  • Assistant to the Director Noémi Ola Berkowitz
  • Stage Design Assistant Ji Hyung Nam
  • Assistant Costumes Mirjam Pleines
  • Directing Intern Valentin Schacherl
  • Stage & Costume Design Intern Helena Kopetz
  • Stage Manager Julia Edelmann
  • Prompter Sandra Petermann
  • Artistic Production Management Victoria Fischer
  • Technical Production Management Richard Illmer, Jonas Pim Simon
  • Stage Master Felix Weindl
  • Stage Machinery Susanne Haslinger, Michael Preusser
  • Lighting Felix Adams, Diana Dorn, Parthasarathi Sampath Kumar, Wolfgang Wiefarn
  • Video Ikenna David Okegwo, Thomas Zengerle
  • Sound Paolo Mariangeli, Korbinian Wegler, Katharina Widmaier-Zorn
  • Make-Up Sofie Reindl-Grüger, Raimund Richar-Vetter, Steffen Roßmanith
  • Costumes Bernd Canavan, Petra Dziak, Iroha Kaneshiro, Teresa Winkelmann
  • Props Dagmar Nachtmann, Heidemarie Sänger, Wolfgang Staudinger
  • Carpentry Stefan Klodt-Bussmann, Hannes Zippert
  • Metalworker Jürgen Goudenhooft, Stephan Weber, Friedrich Würzhuber
  • Decoration Gundula Gerngroß, Tobias Herzog
  • Scenic Painting Evi Eschenbach, Oliver Freitag, Jeanette Raue, Ingrid Weindl
  • Stage Sculpture Maximilian Biek
  • Live-Kamera Nadja Mild
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MK: Backstage

Trailer: Lion Bischof

Digital introduction with the dramaturge Viola Hasselberg

Digital introduction in German Sign Language

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