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Portrait of Viola Hasselberg
Sandra Singh

Viola Hasselberg

Viola Hasselberg was born in 1968 in Bonn and studied Applied Theatre Arts, Music and Political Sciences at the University of Hildesheim. This was followed by a year-long research fellowship in Poland. Viola has worked as an actor and a director at the independent theatre company ASPIK, from 1999 she was a dramaturge and director at the Luzerner Theater and Schauspiel Hannover and finally from 2006 until 2017 she was the Theatre Director at Theater Freiburg. It was there, in collaboration with Barbara Mundel, that she managed the considerable artistic links with the city to ensure a “Theatre of the Future”. She also created an ongoing partnership with artists in Istanbul. Viola has been Head Dramaturge and Acting Assistant Director at the Münchner Kammerspiele since 2020. She arrived in Munich with her two daughters ( 9 and 18 years old) and her partner at the end of 2019.