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Two robots in the background. In the foreground: Katharina Bach holds an older, naked person in her arms. Ulrike Willenbacher holds a baby in her arms. Svetlana Belesova a middle-aged man.

Photo: Andy Besuch



By Elfriede Jelinek

 Schauspielhaus
 World premiere
 Opening night: 26.4.2024
 Thu-Sat: 15-45€, Sun-Wed: 10-40€, under 30 years each seat category: 10€
 Schauspielhaus
 World premiere
 Opening night: 26.4.2024
 Thu-Sat: 15-45€, Sun-Wed: 10-40€, under 30 years each seat category: 10€

A very personal text about saying goodbye to the earth — Falk Richter stages a dense fabric of text, music, drama and AI visual worlds.

Elfriede Jelinek has written a new play. Falk Richter will premiere it at the Münchner Kammerspiele on April 26, 2024. Jelinek’s latest work “Asche” is a deeply personal text about the loss of a beloved companion, the fear of loneliness, the decay of one’s own body and, at the same time, the fear of the impending end of human civilization. Jelinek takes another look at the great myths of creation: what is the world, how did it come into being, why is the human body so susceptible to failure and why were we humans such unbearable “evil guests” on this planet who will soon have to leave - if humans continue to devastate all the foundations of life. But where to? Because the gods no longer want us and “people were not obedient to the earth, but only to their leaders”, Jelinek allows herself a tragicomic thought experiment: Why not create an unconsumable parallel earth? A never-aging, never-ill whole with a perfect body? That would be practical. It would also have been better to make the sea out of plastic right away, that would have saved us a lot. Now we have had to throw a lot of plastic into it to come to this conclusion. This touching text oscillates between sarcastic thought loops and bitter realization. And what do we get in the end? “But all singing is over now. And in the evening, when we go to sleep, what do we do? We do not sing, we do not bloom. Think about our suffering. Nothing else”.

Falk Richter, who most recently staged Jelinek’s “Am Königsweg” (Production of the Year 2018) at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg with great success, is devoting himself to Elfriede Jelinek’s new text together with set designer Katrin Hoffmann, costume designer Andy Besuch, sound designer Matthias Grübel and video artist Lion Bischof. “Asche” continues a long tradition of Jelinek (premiere) performances at the Münchner Kammerspiele.

(The originally planned production of “Sonne / Luft” will be replaced by the world premiere of Elfriede Jelinek’s “Asche”).

With support by Goethe-Institut.
  • Sound design Katharina Widmaier-Zorn, Ulrich Treutwein
  • Lighting Charlotte Marr
  • Video technology Ikenna David Okegwo, Thomas Zengerle
  • Assistent to the Director Hannah Waldow
  • Stage design assistance Nikolai Kuchin
  • Costume assistance Tom Schellmann
  • Director's internship Philine Helm
  • Stage design internship Christina Schuldheis, Charlotte Grunewald
  • Costume internship Johanna Seitz
  • Dramaturgy internship Jonas Hirner
  • Stage Manager Barbara Stettner
  • Soufflage Jutta Masurath
  • Theater pedagogy Filo Krause
  • Production management technology Jonas Pim Simon
  • Production management art Zora Luhnau
  • Stage Master Thomas Graml
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TUM goes Kammerspiele 16.5.

Performance visit and supporting program for 5€ exclusively for TUM students. “Mach Mit” tickets are available in all price categories in our webshop or at the box office. 

Next date 8.5.
Theaterwerkstatt “Asche”
A playful exploration of "Ashes" followed by a visit to the performance
Dates & Tickets
Fri 26.4. 8 pm
Premiere Abo: Premierenabo
Sold out
possibly remaining tickets at the box office
Tue 30.4. 8 pm

Introduction from 7:30 pm

Abo: Zweitaufführungsabo
Mon 6.5. 8 pm

Introduction from 7:30 pm

Abo: Montag grün
Wed 8.5. 8 pm

Introduction from 7:30 pm

Abo: Mittwoch blau
Thu 16.5. 8 pm
Abo: Donnerstag weiß English surtitles For TUM students 5€
Tue 21.5. 8 pm
Abo: Dienstag grün English surtitles
Sun 2.6. 7 pm
Abo: Sonntag blau
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  • Schauspielhaus
  • World premiere
  • Opening night: 26.4.2024
  • Thu-Sat: 15-45€, Sun-Wed: 10-40€, under 30 years each seat category: 10€