Liebe. Eine argumentative Übung (“Love. An Argumentative Exercise”)

by Sivan Ben Yishai

 With english surtitles from the second performance on
 With english surtitles from the second performance on

“Love. An Argumentative Exercise” is a radical self-examination in which the most intimate issues are explored in public, because social power structures are inscribed in the stories of our bodies. The narrator is Olive Oyl, girlfriend of that splendid male specimen, the comic-book hero Popeye. After initially being convinced she’s on the right path to the life of a successful modern woman, she flies into a mythical rage. Sivan Ben Yishai speaks in a revealing, grotesquely comic way about everywoman and everyman, about chauvinistic patterns, and blind spots in how we love.

Headerphoto: Judith Buss

  • Translation and surtitles: Yvonne Griesel
  • Assistant to the Director: Anne Sophie Kapsner
  • Equipment assistance: Leonard Mandl
  • Stage management: Julia Edelmann
  • Technical production management: Jonas Pim Simon
  • Stage manager: Trevor Nelthorpe
  • Lighting: Falko Rosin, Wolfgang Wiefarn, Robert Borkner
  • Props: Heidemarie Sänger
  • Stage machinery: Florian Obermeier
  • Video: Jake Witlen
  • Sound: Paolo Mariangeli
  • Make-up: Sofie Reindl-Grüger
  • Costumes: Arite Pissang
  • Carpentry: Erik Clauß, Stefan Klodt-Bussmann, Hannes Zippert, Wolfgang Mechmann, Josef Friesl, Josef Piechatzek, Franz Wallner, Sebastian Nebe
  • Upholstery: Christian Petzuch
  • Painting room: Evi Eschenbach, Jeanette Raue, Ingrid Weindl, Frederic Sontag
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