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Portrait of Nele Jahnke

Nele Jahnke

As a long-term artistic collaborator and Artistic Co-Director of the HORA theatre in Zurich, Nele Jahnke has advocated for the visibility and co-determination of “disabled” artists both in the theatre world and in the public eye. She directed numerous projects with the HORA ensemble and developed various communication and audience formats. Together with M. Elber und M. Bugiel, she designed and managed the long-term experiment Freie Republik HORA (HORA Free Republic) in which the ensemble directed themselves. Nele grew up in Ostholstein and Berlin, and studied Theatrical Direction at Zurich University of the Arts. She is part of the queer-inclusive performance café KAFI Q, and also works as a freelance performer and director. In 2019 she was awarded the development grant from the Canton of Zurich. Since 2020, Nele has been part of the Artistic Directional Team at the Münchner Kammerspiele as a Dramaturge and a Director.