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Dr. Berg

An early evening series by and with Fabian Moraw and guests.
Fabian Moraw, Nele Jahnke and many others will be there.
No 5 Directed by: Demjan Duran

 Stream
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 Stream
 German
 Free of charge

Dr Berg is a long-term project. It has a number of different directors. Together with Fabian Moraw, they work in duos, trios and collectives. Fabian Moraw is Dr Berg and an actor at the Kammerspiele. He watches ‘Mountain Doctor’ every week on TV. And writes an instalment of the current series every week.

And we wanted to bring it to the stage on a regular basis, but then covid arrived and everyone had to stay home. The series is beginning nevertheless – online, that is. Once a month, always on the second Sunday of the month, there’s a new episode. Because a mountain doctor is important for society. He has to give advice. He needs his brother. When the work gets to be too much for him, he dreams of the place he longs to visit: Sweden The famous singer Mine has written a great title song. After every series there is a live party on Zoom with DJ Frangiskos. Dr Berg is here for everyone.

Meeting-ID: 818 4677 5877
Kenncode: 817598

Created with the help of all participants

With thanks to: Walter Hess, Jan-Christoph Gockel, Frangiskos Kakoulakis, Anna Gesa Raija Lappe, Rania Mleihi, Nancy Mensah-Offei

Episode 1: Dr. Berg and his Brother

Episode 2: Dr. Berg - The Dream (German)

Episode 3: Dr. Berg - Brother in Prison

Episode 4: Dr. Berg - To the Mountains

Dr Berg Remote Diagnostics
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Habibi Kiosk
Sun 13.6. 19:00
Habibi Kiosk
Dr. Berg
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