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English Surtitles
Hungry Ghosts
What experiences of my parents and grandparents do I carry around with me? • A comedy about inherited trauma  • By Anna Smolar and...
Next date 29.6. UA Berliner Theatertreffen 2023 English Surtitles
How does family work? • A thriller  • By Sivan Ben Yishai, Henrik Ibsen, Gerhild Steinbuch, Ivna Žic 
Next date 25.5. English Surtitles Berliner Theatertreffen 2024
Die Vaterlosen
A deadly comic battle for love and money as a lavish ensemble celebration • A comedy by Anton Chekhov
Next date 24.5. UA
The rise and fall of a middle-class family • Family saga based on the novel by Gabriele Tergit
Next date 27.5. English Surtitles
Die Freiheit einer Frau
Based on the novel by Édouard Louis
Next date 30.6.
R-Faktor. Das Unfassbare
By Ayşe Güvendiren
Anti War Women
Which feminist ideas from 1915 inspire us today? • How women threaten the war • by Jessica Glause and Ensemble with music...
Next date 23.6. UA
Who Cares - Can Robots Care?
By Gesine Schmidt • In a version by Martín Valdés-Stauber
Next date 31.5. UA
Horror und andere Sachen
Do you want to play? • A horror dance with live direction by Tiziana Pagliaro, the ensemble and team
Next date 28.6. UA English Surtitles Mülheimer Theatertage 2022
Is inheritance fair? • In 3 acts • By Nora Abdel-Maksoud
Next date 7.6. UA
Frau Schmidt fährt über die Oder
What power relations do we carry within us, how much forward flight is possible? • Europe trilogy, part I • By Anne Habermehl
A scheene Leich
by Gerhard Polt, the Well-Brüder and Ruedi Häusermann
Die Geschichte von Goliat und David
Research by Ayşe Güvendiren