Svetlana Belesova

Svetlana Belesova was born and grew up in the Crimea. She came to Germany in 2007 to study Media & Political Sciences in Dresden. In 2013, she began studying Drama at the Theaterakademie August Everding in Munich; she graduated in 2017. Svetlana’s first role was at the Staatstheater Nürnberg. That same year she was awarded the Bayerische Kunstförderpreis (Bavarian Development Grant) in the Performing Arts category. From 2018 until 2020, she was part of the ensemble at Schauspielhaus Bochum where she worked with the likes of Herbert Fritsch, Dušan David Pařízek and Johan Simons. In 2019 she received the Bochum Theaterpreis in the Best Young Talent category and in the same year she was nominated by Theater heute as Best Young Actor of the Year. Svetlana has been a permanent member of the ensemble at the Münchner Kammerspiele since 2020.

- Svetlana Belesova