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BELARUS! The Female Face of the Revolution?

As part of Working on Feminism #reading
Reading and discussion

 Livestream
 Free of charge
 Livestream
 Free of charge

The second day of “Arbeit am Feminismus” is dedicated to reading:

Belarus is on the move. The unprecedented protests after the presidential election in August 2020 have given the country a highly visible face. The ongoing violence has not been able to completely break the peaceful uprising against the regime. The protest transcends generations, classes and genders - and yet the initial dynamic was mainly dominated by women: already in the election campaign. And afterwards, pictures of women in white confronting the black-masked police special forces with flowers in their hands went around the world. The contrast could hardly have been more symbolic. How do we deal with these images? How can the new self-empowerment of women be placed in the polyphony of the democracy movement? And what hopes for change remain in the face of the repression in March 2021?

In November 2020, the Berlin publishing house edition.fotoTAPETA published a pamphlet dealing with the current events in Belarus: BELARUS! Das weibliche Gesicht der Revolution? (“BELARUS! The Female Face of the Revolution?”)

Based on this book, which brings together chronicles, poems, open-hearted thought protocols, thoughtful and self-critical essays by Belarusian authors, the Münchner Kammerspiele invites you to an evening of reading and discussion on 8 March 2021: In the presence of authors, activists and editors, the newly awakened self-confidence of the Belarusian population will be reflected upon and the panorama of possible future perspectives for Belarus will be illuminated.

Reading with: Svetlana Belesova, Sebastian Brandes, Johanna Eiworth

Talk with:
Dr. Maria Davydchik (cultural scientist and transformation researcher)
Polina Gordienko (activist and local politician)
Iryna Herasimovich (translator and essayist)
Marina Naprushkina (artist)

Moderation: Dr. Nina Weller (Slavistic)
Concept and coordination: Mehdi Moradpour, Nina Weller
Installation: Mehdi Moradpour

The network “Arbeit am Feminismus” is funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich as part of the project #sieINSPIRIERTmich.
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In collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Bavaria, Voices from Belarus, edition.fotoTAPETA and the Petra Kelly Foundation.
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