Trace Polly Müller

TRACE is a singer, songwriter, producer, performer and instrumentalist whose work is a self-technology, bound up in an bodily gender experience. The Cologne-based artist authors her trans*gressive pop universe with soft falsettos, noisy math-rock and deep guttural vocals embedded in electronic glitches. In her music and art, TRACE creates close intimacy with emotional honesty, trans*muting rage, grief and love into a unique vision of dream pop.

TRACE’s 2023 debut album, FUCKING AND DREAMING (tbr October 2023) reveals her radical commitment to exploding preconceptions of how trans*ness looks and sounds. Preceded in early 2023 by the searing queer heartbreak of YOU KNOCKED ON MY DOOR TO SEE THE STARS EP, FUCKING AND DREAMING is at once visceral and tender, exploring the transcendent universality of the trans*femme perspective.