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Work on Feminism #Reading


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Working on feminism means: writing, reading and discussing together, staging, embodying and experiencing gender on stage, watching performances and talking about what we have seen and felt.

In this sense, the conference “Arbeit am Feminismus” strives for a re-reading of literary and theoretical texts. The practice of (academic) reading is understood here as (co-)working on feminism. Taking stock of the central conflicts of feminist theory, such as the contradiction between feminist universalism and difference feminism, is just as much a part of the endeavour as the search for theoretical solutions and practical strategies. For example, strategic essentialism, in the struggle for visibility and against social injustice, pluralises the difference of the sexes and liquefies the affiliation to diverse groups. These ideas find expression in intersectional feminism, which strives not to juxtapose categories of ‘race, gender, class’ but to make visible reinforcing mechanisms of exclusion and to point out how the interplay of diverse identities can create solidarity.

The Network “Arbeit am Feminismus” is funded by the Department of Culture of the City of Munich as part of the project #sieINSPIRIERTmich
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In collaboration with the Petra Kelly Foundation
UA English Surtitles Berliner Theatertreffen 2022 Neue Zeit, neue Dramatik
Like Lovers Do (Memoirs of Medusa)
By Sivan Ben Yishai
BELARUS! The Female Face of the Revolution?
As part of Working on Feminism #reading • Reading and discussion
Paisajes para no colorear - Landscapes that cannot be coloured in
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