Dionysos Stadt

 10 hours
 Strobe Effect
 10 hours
 Strobe Effect

Ten hours of theatre on the problems of people who lived 2,500 years ago? Toiling through dramas featuring Prometheus, Achilles, Cassandra, Elektra and Ulysses? Grappling with the mighty gods, the curse of doomed, irreconcilable conflicts and never-ending wars?
Modern Greeks no longer want to be victims of fate, governed by external powers. They prefer to wrangle with the world of the gods and mythology even if every path seems fatal and laden with guilt. People face different problems nowadays, don’t they? But the first democracy in the world, which was founded in 5 BC in Athens, dealt with these issues in the arena of theatre, which was both a place of entertainment and to meet, a site of collective emancipation. Former audiences in Athens discovered the ancient mythologies in comedies, tragedies and satyr plays, and which were brought to life by the performers. In-house director Christopher Rüping and the performers of the Münchner Kammerspiele now take a turn at depicting the characters, plays and political circumstances of Greek drama and approach the issues and conflicts of the ancient world from a contemporary perspective.

  • With: Maja Beckmann, Majd Feddah, Nils Kahnwald, Gro Swantje Kohlhof, Wiebke Mollenhauer, Jochen Noch, Benjamin Radjaipour
  • Live-Music: Matze Pröllochs
  • Stage Design: Jonathan Mertz
  • Costumes: Lene Schwind
  • Video: Su Steinmassl
  • Host & Environment: Felix Lübkemann
  • Directed by: Christopher Rüping
  • Light: Stephan Mariani, Christian Schweig
  • Music: Jonas Holle, Matze Pröllochs
  • Dramaturge: Valerie Göhring, Matthias Pees