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Jochen Noch

Jochen Noch has been a permanent member of the ensemble at the Münchner Kammerspiele since 2001. He has also been the head of the Otto Falckenburg school since 2007. He previously worked at the Neue Theater Halle and at Schauspiel Leipzig. Jochen has worked with directors such as Wolfgang Engel, Karin Henkel, Konstanze Lauterbach, Michael Thalheimer, Jossi Wieler, Sebstian Nübling, Jorinde Dröse, Stephan Kimmig, Andreas Kriegenburg, Stefan Pucher and Christopher Rüping. He trained at the Hans Otto Theatre School in Leipzig.

“AmA ohne Maske”

The imagined portrait of an actor / actress of herself: With which scene could it begin? What are groundbreaking career and biographical moments, and what do they say about the dreams and goals of a newly forming ensemble? In the podcast “AmA ohne Maske” the actors and actresses of the Münchner Kammerspiele talk about themselves: the people who will define the theater in the coming years.

Concept & Direction: Wiebke Puls
Sound & & Editing: Johann Jürgen Koch, Martin Sraier

„Dimdimdididimdimdididi Dimdimdididimdimdididi Dimdimdididimdimdididi. Das geht bestimmt zehn Minuten so.„

– Jochen Noch