Theaterlabor Neuperlach

The theater branch of the Münchner Kammerspiele at SHAERE

Theaterlabor Neuperlach

Everyone is allowed to make theater!

The Theaterlabor is a space for experimentation and work, a place for exchange and encounters between artists, neighbors and anyone who is interested in artistic collaborations.

Theaterlabor Neuperlach im Shaere, Fritz-Schäffer-Straße 9, 089 233 36817

Projects of 23/24

Young people at the "CHILLspORT" performance. In the background is a large wooden platform with several white cardboard stools in front of it.
Theaterlabor Neuperlach What is the City NOW?
Opening of the architectural intervention
Five people sit on large cushions on a lawn. A projector shows a film.
Theaterlabor Neuperlach
Stop ecocide start good living goes Munich
Climate change, ecocide... can we still be saved? • An artistic...
Performance. Theater of the new generation
Year project performance project by the performance collective SKART...
Young Confessions
A performance about cohesion
Next date 2.10.
Was tut mir weh… nicht mehr
By and with young Ukrainians

Projects of 22/23

A memory workshop with young people
The mobile bicycle cinema Ciné Vélo Cité is located in front of the Lenbachhaus. A movie is projected onto a screen. Several people lie on beanbags in front of it.
Theaterlabor Neuperlach What is the City NOW?
Ciné Velo Cité
An uncomplicated improvised open-air cinema and film lab
A group of young people dancing.
Theaterlabor Neuperlach
Move On Neuperlach
Dance performance in urban space. A cast of the new centre
Several people wear headphones and large signs and walk through Neuperlach.
Theaterlabor Neuperlach
FeeDBack Neuperlach – ein Audio Walk
Geschichten über Orte, Menschen und Erlebnisse in Neuperlach
Elements of the table have been removed and lie next to it on the floor. Newspapers are scattered everywhere on the floor and the tablecloth hangs crumpled from the remains of the table.
Theaterlabor Neuperlach
Verwandlungen – ein Kafka Projekt
Szenische Lesung des Theaterclubs im Theaterlabor Neuperlach
Theaterlabor Neuperlach
Erinnerungswerkstatt Neuperlach
Drei Personen liegen auf dem Boden. In der Mitte sind ihre Köpfe, ihre Gesichter sind nach oben gerichtet.
Black Future Weeks Habibi Kiosk
Confessions - Bekenntnisse
A performance about the colonisation within us • By and with:...

Project management: Elke Bauer, Martín Valdés-Stauber
Stage: Janina Sieber
Technical equipment: Amon Ritz