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Lucy Wilke

Lucy Wilke is a singer, actor, dancer, author and director. She performs all over Germany with her band Blind & Lame. Lucy has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and uses a wheelchair. After completing her stage training, she danced in a version of Swan Lake with the Abart dance ensemble. From 2017, she was in the theatre performance Fucking Disabled directed by David von Westphalen and shown in theatres such as Pathos München. In 2018, Lucy danced in Anthropomorphia, a production by Tanzlabor Leipzig. In 2019 she took on the title role in Phaidra by Monster Truck at the Sophiensaele Berlin. With The Agency, she performed in the piece Medusa Bionic Rise at the radikal jung festival in Munich. In the same year, Lucy sang and performed at the Greek National Opera and the Cologne Opera House in the multi-media installation Re:Construction by Un-Label. In 2020, together with Pawel Dudus, she gave her own dance début Scores that Shaped our Friendship, which was shown at the Schwere Reiter theatre in Munich and at the Münchner Kammerspielen. For this performance she was awarded the Faust Prize in 2020, in the category “Best Actor Dance”. Lucy has been a permanent member of the ensemble at the Münchner Kammerspiele since autumn 2020.

“AmA ohne Maske”

The imagined portrait of an actor / actress of herself: With which scene could it begin? What are groundbreaking career and biographical moments, and what do they say about the dreams and goals of a newly forming ensemble? In the podcast “AmA ohne Maske” the actors and actresses of the Münchner Kammerspiele talk about themselves: the people who will define the theater in the coming years.

Concept & Direction: Wiebke Puls
Sound & & Editing: Johann Jürgen Koch, Martin Sraier

„Geschämt, geschämt, geschämt…. Nein. Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, mich schon mal geschämt zu haben.“

– Lucy Wilke