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Campus #15 All Abled Arts

A workshop offer for young adults accompanying the performance "Anti*gone" and questions around the topic of "translation".

 Münchner Kammerspiele
 12. & 13.1.2024
 Free of charge
 Münchner Kammerspiele
 12. & 13.1.2024
 Free of charge

Workshop programme for young adults (18 to 30 years) to accompany the performances and questions of the festival.

We will visit and reflect on festival events together. In addition, we will actively and performatively deal with the questions of translation ourselves.

Participation is free of charge, only the theatre tickets have to be paid for.

Time Table Campus #15
Friday 12.1. 15 to 18:30 Glasspitz and rehearsal stage 2
"What is easy language?"
A workshop with Anne Leichtfuß (simultaneous interpreter for easy language), Natalie Dedreux (activist, blogger, journalist) and Kirsten Czerner-Nicolas (researcher for accessible communication)

What is the stage actually about? I don't really understand the story.
Maybe you're afraid to ask. We understand that. Nevertheless, everyone in the audience should feel comfortable and have fun. That's why language shouldn't be complicated. Not even in the theater. And we have to make language easier!
Easy language is understandable. And you can translate plays into plain language. Just like the play "Anti*gone".
The workshop "What is plain language?" is aimed at anyone who wants to know how plain language works and how plain language can be tested.
We will find out:
- What makes language complicated?
- How can texts be easier?
- How can I let people know when language is difficult?

Together, Natalie and Kirsten give tips on checking plain language. How does a reviewer work? How does testing work? Then it's your turn: be brave and test texts with us. How easy is a text really?
Later, we will watch "Anti*gone" together. Is the play easy to understand? What is "Anti*gone" about? You can be an easy language tester yourself. We look forward to seeing you.

Saturday 13.1. 12 am to 3 pm, rehearsal stage 1
"Artistic audio description"
A workshop with choreographer and performer Carolin Jüngst

In this workshop, choreographer and performer Carolin Jüngst (sie/dey) shares ideas and experiences on the artistic use of audio description. Audio description is the linguistic and vocal description of what happens on stage - the description of bodies, movements and situations. It is the means of access to theater events for blind or visually impaired audiences. Creative ways of artistic audio description will be tested in order to translate performative situations into descriptive language and sounds. The workshop participants will be both actors and describers.

In cooperation with the LMU, Chair of Pedagogy for Intellectual Disabilities including Inclusive Pedagogy and the vocational school level of the Inclusive Montessori School Großhadern.
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