Photo: Sandra Singh



 Opening night: 12.5.2023
 1 hour 30 minutes
 Opening night: 12.5.2023
 1 hour 30 minutes

48°08’05.3”N 11°34’22.0”E

Munich City Museum, Sankt-Jakobs-Platz 1, 80331 Munich, Bavaria, Germany; as well as various locations such as a mouth cavity in which something outrageous is formed.

a room on the first floor. the windows grant a view of the city’s newly built synagogue. inside, a choir sings and bursts apart. the landscape flows outside and in.

“Mitwisser” by Enis Maci interweaves different “cases” or “biotopes” of violence into an “ecosystem” of collusion – and thus depicts the continuities and relationships between different forms of violence. Being part of the ecosystem, the audience is invited to a joint discussion and questioning of our role as accessories.

it is moist and warm; it is red. different textures meet in this space. the soft palate merges seamlessly into the hard one. in different languages, ​​the ‘r’ is formed in different places.

Supported by Richard Stury Stiftung
  • Technical Management Jonas Pim Simon
  • Stage master Florian Thoma
  • Tech Manuel Gieseck, Florian Limmer, Michael Sichlinger
  • Carpentry Erik Clauß, Stefan Klodt-Bussmann, Hannes Zippert, Josef Friesl, Sebastian Nebe
  • Wallpapering Gundula Gerngroß, Anja Gebauer, Maria Hörger, Lisann Öttl, Michael Parker
  • Painting Jeanette Raue, Ingrid Weindl
  • Theatre sculpture Maximilian Biek
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