Ministerium für Mitgefühl

Consulting hours with:
Yelena Eremeyeva / Mehdi Moradpour / Anna Schapiro / Rina Soloveitchik / Thai Thao Tran

 Therese-Giehse-Halle
 45 minutes
 5 Euro
 Therese-Giehse-Halle
 45 minutes
 5 Euro

Questions about compassion, empathy and grief will be discussed with the ministers in 45-minute sessions. This language game of questions and answers follows a precise choreography: five minutes for reflection, then five minutes each time for expressing thoughts in a non-condescending way with mutual respect. It is the questions of all those involved that will open up a shared space for contemplation.

The “Ministry of Compassion” is a collective that emphatically opposes social apathy and the brutalisation of language. It was founded in the autumn of 2018 as part of the “Ängst is now a Weltanschauung” (“Anxiety is now an ideology”) conference initiated at Ballhaus Ost in Berlin by Nazis & Goldmund.

  • With Jelena Jeremejewa, Mehdi Moradpour, Anna Schapiro, Rina Soloveitchik, Thai Thao Tran

Mitgefühl hat einfach keine Lobby

Programmschwerpunkt Empathie
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