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Who Cares - Can Robots Care?

By Gesine Schmidt
Directed by Christoph Frick

 Werkraum
 90 minutes
 German
 25 Euro
 Werkraum
 90 minutes
 German
 25 Euro

Gesine Schmidt interviewed technology providers, healthcare scientists and nurses in Germany for the Münchner Kammerspiele. What do technological visions reveal about our ideas of being human, what are the dilemmas involved in the apparent shortage of nursing staff? What do we hope for with the promises of salvation attached to robotics? The more solutions are being discussed, the more obvious the social traumas become: The shortage of nursing staff points to our existential human fragility for which the system can provide no answers.

  • Assistant to the Director: Joël-Conrad Hieronymus
  • Stage Design Assistant: Leonard Mandl
  • Costumes Assistant: Mirjam Pleines
  • Stage Manager: Julia Edelmann
  • Dramaturgy Intern: Shannon Harris
  • Technical Production Management: Adrian Bette
  • Artistic Production Management: Victoria Fischer
  • Stage Master: Josef Hofmann
  • Lighting: Diana Dorn, Nikolas Boden
  • Sound: Katharina Widmaier-Zorn
  • Video: Maurizio Guolo, Jake Witlen
  • Make-Up Artist: Raimund Richar-Vetter, Thomas Opatz
  • Costumes: Friederike Diemer
  • Props: Anette Schultheiss, Sabine Schutzbach
  • Carpentry: Franz Wallner, Josef Piechatzek
  • Locksmithery: Friedrich Würzhuber, Jürgen Goudenhooft, Stephan Weber
  • Decoration: Tobias Herzog, Martin Schall
  • Scenic Painting: Evi Eschenbach, Jeanette Raue, Maximilian Biek
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