Five teenagers in colourful tracksuits raise their fists and seem to scream.

Forever Old

Miniatures of a research on living and dying

 Werkraum
 16.4.2024
 Free admission. Please book tickets at the box office or via the homepage.
 Werkraum
 16.4.2024
 Free admission. Please book tickets at the box office or via the homepage.

Together with the artists of the ELLE Kollektiv at the Münchner Kammerspiele, the students of the FOS für Gestaltung have been exploring the production “Liebe (Amour)” – a drama based on the film by Michael Haneke – and asking themselves:

Where does the good life begin in old age and where does it end? What new needs arise in the last third of life and what dreams are perhaps still open? Are they still relevant? How do I imagine my so-called old age? And what does my life plan in old age say in retrospect about the life I am leading right now?

In November 2023, the students undertook a research trip to the German retirement paradise of Dénia in Spain. At the Euroclub, they got to know senior citizens and conducted interviews with them about their current situation and life in old age. “Forever Old” is a testimony to this joint reflection on the future of ageing and the attempt to find suitable words and images for the incomprehensibly distant future that we all face at some point.

A cooperation with the Städtische Fachoberschule für Gestaltung München and the ELLE Kollektiv.
The cooperation is funded by the Department of Education and Sport (Vocational Schools Division), co-financed by the European Union.
  • With Malwina Felchnerowska, Ingrid Heindl, Lucia Horn, Lulu Melo Koch, Vinzenz Lang, Eva Müsel, Nina Nicolić, Stefanie Rieder, Antonia Rummel, Jasmin Wenz, Francesca Werner
  • Concept & Mentoring ELLE Kollektiv
  • Text & scenic accompaniment Elisabeth-Marie Leistikow, Luis Lüps, Anna Winde-Hertling
  • Stage & Costume Fine v. Collas, Anna Ebersberger, Lia Engelen, Emi Haberl, Evelyn Harz, Amelie Heigl, Luca Hepp, Schanaya Kappel, Fanny Marzolff, Niko Nellas, Daniel Oručević, Kilian Pinter, Julia Rappaport, Sirid Treuter
  • Stage & costumes Julia Rödl
  • Dramaturgy Milena Rico Bentele, Yvonne Bernhard, Finja Gérard, Sarah Haase, Evelyn Harz, Ingrid Heindl, Camilla Mack, Katalija Nakongkaew
  • Stage & costume accompaniment Louis Panizza
  • Equipment assistance Katharina Quandt
  • Artistic production management Julia Lena Maier
  • Technical production management Dany Rau
  • Stage Master Trevor Nelthorpe
  • Original sounds Gerhart Groß, Irmgard Pohl
  • Video shoot Emi Haberl, Niko Nellas, Daniel Oručević
  • Video Manuel Gieseck
  • Video recordings Nikos Leeb
  • Sound Quirin Schacherl
  • Lighting master Wolfgang Eibert
  • Signalman Michl Barth
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