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Photo: Sandra Singh


On Waves

Graduation production at the Otto Falckenberg School

 Werkraum
 Premiere: 23.2.2024
 Werkraum
 Premiere: 23.2.2024

With texts about life and survival on and under the waves, ON WAVES tells of sound and ocean waves, of white noise when switching channels, but above all about how we relate to each other. The four performers produce a “live radio show” on stage and moderate between radio play-like dialogs, counter- and inter-sounds, live music and radio hit samples. It is about questions of where from, what from and where to and the search for language for these questions.

  • Production management technology Jonas Pim Simon
  • Mentorship Justin F. Kennedy
  • Stage Master Josef Hofmann
  • Stage machinery Thomas Grill
  • Lighting Florian Limmer
  • Sound Markus Bührend
  • Sound recording studio Thomas Schlienger
  • Video Leo Algrang
  • Prop Markus Bührend
  • Props Lucia Eidmann , Florian Limmer
  • Carpentry Eliza Aistermann, Elen Bosse
  • Locksmithery Fritz Würzhuber, Jürgen Goudenhooft
  • Decoration Maria Hörger, Anja Gebauer, Lisann Öttl
  • Scenic Painter Evi Eschenbach, Frederic Sontag
  • Stage Sculpture Maximilian Biek
  • Collaboration theater sculpture and painting Amélie Unhoch
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Junge Nacht 23.5.

Visit to the performance of “On Waves” for young audiences with artist talk and drinks directly after the performance in the Habibi Kiosk. Register now and secure 2 tickets for € 10 at!