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Habibi Goethe

A performative-international discussion series
By and with the Goethe-Institut

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 Stream
 German and English
 Free of charge

2nd episode, Habibi Goethe

In the second episode, the discussion series “Habibi Goethe” asks how sustainable relationships can be created beyond national borders? How do we behave in cooperation without making the other the object of our own? How do we create places of multi-perspective narration? These are central questions of international cultural cooperation. Yet the noble intention always collides with the structural imbalance of the present - the togetherness of the future meets the exclusion of the past, egalitarian aspiration meets colonial entanglement.

The second episode, “Habibi-Goethe”, wants to take a closer look at this ambivalence in individual cases. Together with artists and cultural mediators from Germany and Togo, we will discuss forms of equal cooperation without deceptive about existing power imbalances. Between Munich and Lomé, we ask ourselves how the past can be negotiated from new perspectives, to what extent interpretive sovereignty over history must be readjusted and what role cultural institutions play in the dichotomy between cooperation and a position of power.

Presenter: Nabila Abdel Aziz
In conversation with:
- Ramsés Alfa (actor, director, author, theatre director)
- Edem Attiogbé (Director of the Goethe-Institut in Lomé, Togo)
- Komi Togbonou (ensemble member of the Münchner Kammerspiele)
- Marc-André Schmachtel (Goethe-Institut e.V. Munich)

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