On a small platform hanging from a ceiling by a pole, Maren Solty in dark clothing with a hood sits and clings. In the background, the rest of the ensemble sits at a bar.

Photo: Armin Smailovic


Let’s talk about “Im Menschen muss alles herrlich sein”

A night talk developed by students of the Department of Art Studies at the LMU

 Habibi Kiosk
 7.12.2023
 Free of charge
 Habibi Kiosk
 7.12.2023
 Free of charge

Who am I actually? Am I born with my own identity or am I ultimately just the sum of my parents’ stories?

It is questions like these that linger in the mind and revolve around the themes of identity, home, family and ultimately happiness after seeing Jan Bosse’s production of “Im Menschen muss alles herrlich sein”.

The play, which is based on the novel of the same name by Sasha Marianna Salzmann, tells the story of mothers and daughters who are inevitably connected to each other, but cannot get close for a variety of reasons. The mothers Lena and Tatjana grow up in the slowly disintegrating system of the Soviet Union and finally come to the West, to Germany, due to various circumstances. They keep the traumas of their past inside themselves, which not only determines their lives, but also those of their daughters.

As part of a course offered by the Department of Art Studies at LMU, students are developing a dialogue format specially adapted to this play in cooperation with the Münchner Kammerspiele.
On Thursday, 7 December, they will invite the audience of the Münchner Kammerspiele to the Habibi Kiosk after the performance to reflect. With “post-it installations”, live music and a short video sequence, they want to inspire conversation and give the audience the opportunity to enter into dialogue in small groups. together on what they have seen and discuss the themes of the play.

A co-operation of the Department of Art Sciences of the LMU with MK: Mitmachen
  • Text Pauline Osmetz
Wiebke Puls stands behind a bar with her arms crossed in front of her body. André Benndorff, Edmund Telgenkämper, Johanna Eiworth and Edith Saldanha sit in front of it and contort their faces.
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Im Menschen muss alles herrlich sein
What happens when political systems disintegrate? • Musical ensemble piece about mothers and daughters • Adapted from the Novel by...