A bottle of EYÜP SABRİ TUNCER perfume. Next to it a rose made of pearls.

MaksiMum Bar #6

A late-night format in the box office foyer
With Gürsoy Doğtaş:
"Scents of our past"

 Kassenfoyer
 10.2.2024
 Free of charge
 Kassenfoyer
 10.2.2024
 Free of charge

The scents of our past

It is always strange how a fleeting scent can linger in the memory or evoke long-faded memories. We want to explore this phenomenon autobiographically on this evening.

Getting lost with the lost. First chords of scent:

The hot asphalt after a summer rain. The fully loaded car on the way to Turkey, somewhere between Belgrade and Zagreb. An earthy, mineral smell hits the nose… It smells of chemicals, but also of disinfectants in hospitals.

– After New Year’s Eve. The feeling of suffocating under the smell of black powder and sulphur in your own black hoodie… The clean lavender scent of detergent deep beneath the smell of burning.

– It smelled like “Fahrenheit”… and I was aflame with love.

Some of the scented objects will be present that evening. We invite you to bring your own fragrance memories and tell us their story.

About the MaksiMum Bar:

Whether after a performance, dinner or work: Maksimal casual the world goes down - from 22:00 in the MaksiMum Bar at the Münchner Kammerspiele. Once a month, designer and artist Ayzıt Bostan and Melisa Kaya, artistic advisor at the Kammerspiele, step behind the counter of the foyer bar and meet a Munich personality.

In the third edition, Gürsoy Doğtaş tells us the stories of fragrances. Gürsoy Doğtaş is an art historian and works para-curatorially at the intersections of institutional critique, structural racism and queer studies.

We’ll meet at the MaksiMum Bar!