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Giftiges Erbe – Brauchen wir einen Kanon?

A symposium on how to deal with classics
In cooperation with Lukas Bärfuss and the Munich Literature Festival

 Schauspielhaus
 18.11.2023
 3 hours (with a break)
 German / Discussion with Sivan Ben Yishai: English
 Schauspielhaus
 18.11.2023
 3 hours (with a break)
 German / Discussion with Sivan Ben Yishai: English

How should one deal with a work that is accused of racism, such as Wolfgang Koeppen’s “Tauben im Gras”? Why does “Antigone” in Plain Language become a scandal? And why does a playwright favor the marginalized characters in Ibsen’s Nora in her rewriting?

The author, playwright and Büchner Prize winner Lukas Bärfuss, the Literature Festival and the Münchner Kammerspiele invite you to a dialogue. After a keynote by Leibniz Prize winner Albrecht Koschorke, we will discuss with experts from education, culture and science: What do we want to read? What do we want to see? And who is “we”?

During the panels, theater critics Susanne Burkhardt (Deutschlandfunk) and Elena Philipp ( will act as “hecklers”, taking on the audience’s advocacy, demanding specification, concretization and vividness.

Harmony or Domination? The struggle for the canon

A stocktaking. Keynote by Albrecht Koschorke, Professor of Modern German Literature and General Literary Studies, University of Konstanz.

“Antigone speaks” - philology, light language and the craft of over-translation.

Reading: Johanna Kappauf / Conversation with Anne Leichtfuß, translator into light language, and Markus Janka, Professor of Classical Philology / Didactics of Ancient Languages at the LMU

Ibsen’s Nora - Prologue of an Overwriting

Reading & Conversation with playwright Sivan Ben Yishai

Where to put it?

Discussion with Jasmin Blunt, teacher & initiator of the petition against “Tauben im Gras” as compulsory reading, Andrea Geier, professor of literary studies at the University of Trier with a focus on gender and postcolonial studies, Carola Lentz, president of the Goethe-Institut, and Jürgen Kaube, editor FAZ.

Moderation: Lukas Bärfuss & Olivia Ebert (Münchner Kammerspiele)

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In cooperation with the Literaturhaus Munich