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« M »

European Premiere of the New Choreography by Marie Chouinard
A DANCE Festival Guest Performance

 Schauspielhaus
 13. & 14.5.2023
 55 minutes
 Schauspielhaus
 13. & 14.5.2023
 55 minutes

The DANCE Festival is putting on a guest performance at the Münchner Kammerspiele. Eleven dancers in fluorescent tracksuit bottoms and brightly coloured bobbed wigs will use the rhythm of their breathing to create a score of life itself. From the unceasing impulse to fill the lungs, the group will perform an homage to being alive that is poised between madness and wisdom. « M » is a fascinating statement by the exceptional Canadian choreographer Marie Chouinard who has been an international sensation for over four decades and is once again a guest at DANCE, this year with a European premiere.

Marie Chouinard has caused a stir both as a performer in her earlier works and in the pieces she creates for her eponymous company which she founded in 1990. She continues to challenge our view of and thinking about dance, the body and life. Exploring the limits of stage performance, her pieces have an anarchic tone and an exuberant physicality that passionately pushes itself to the extremes. Her artistic idiosyncrasy is theatrical and expressive, impatient and humorous, full of wacky breaches of taboos, sexual allusions and deeply human paradoxes. « M » once again testifies to the originality and sensuality of her oeuvre in which the act of breathing has always played a special role.

Download the application Cantique free-of-charge from the App Store. Cantique was conceived by Marie Chouinard with music by Louis Dufort and with the participation of Benoit Lachambre and Carol Prieur.

« M » is part of the 18. DANCE Biennale from 11th - 21st May in Munich.
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An event by DANCE in cooperation with the Münchner Kammerspiele

The COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD is proud to be carbon neutral. Since 2020, the company has analyzed and offset the carbon footprint of its tours, its productions and its studios. The company supports the Quebec initiative, Carbone boréal, which reforests naturally deserted terrain in the boreal forests north of Lake Saint Jean. These are public lands which are protected by their designation as experimental forests in conjunction with the Quebec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks. This project is also used for scientific research.

  • Choreography and vocal score Marie Chouinard
  • With the participation of dancers Carol Prieur, Valeria Galluccio, Motrya Kozbur, Paige Culley, Clémentine Schindler, Luigi Luna, Jossua Collin Dufour, Adrian W.S. Batt, Celeste Robbins, Michael Baboolal, Rose Gagnol
  • Music Louis Dufort
  • Lighting, set design, costumes and wigs Marie Chouinard
  • Make-up Jacques-Lee Pelletier