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Foto: Patrick Orth


Whispering in Stationary Trains

Based on the play by Clemens J. Setz
Live theatre film by Visar Morina

 Livestream
 1 hour 30 minutes
 German
 8-80 Euro
 Livestream
 1 hour 30 minutes
 German
 8-80 Euro

C is alone. The sole contact with the outside world is the telephone. But whom can you call if you don’t have anyone? What could be more constructive, more invigorating than a telephone call with a customer services hotline? Or to at last turn the tables and buttonhole the dispatchers of all those irritating spam emails! Clemens Setz, a master of the bizarre and mysterious magic realism, will now explore a curious side of globalization. This is the first time the film director Visar Morina has been involved in theater, and he paints an equally deeply sad as well as humorous portrait of a person in isolation.

  • Assistant to the Director: Joël-Conrad Hieronymus
  • Bühnenbild- u. Kostümassistenz: Marlene Pieroth
  • Inspizienz : Stefanie Rendtorff
  • Fokus: Jona Salcher
  • Regiehospitanz: Demjan Duran
  • Technische Produktionsleitung: Adrian Bette
  • Künstlerische Produktionsleitung: Gina Penzkofer
  • Bühnenmeister: Marcel Homack
  • Bühnenmaschinerie : Susanne Haslinger, Stephan Preußer
  • Beleuchtung: Stephan Mariani, Diana Dorn, Nikolas Boden, Franziska Erbe
  • Ton : Paolo Mariangeli, Viola Drewanz
  • Video: Dirk Windloff, Jake Witlen
  • Kostüme: Pavla Engelhardtova, Fabiola Maria Schiavulli
  • Requisite : Daniel Bittner, Wolfgang Staudinger
  • Schreinerei : Stefan Klodt-Bussmann, Michael Buhl, Franz Wallner, Sebastian Nebe
  • Schlosserei : Friedrich Würzhuber, Jürgen Goudenhooft, Stephan Weber
  • Tapeziererei : Gundula Gerngroß, Tobias Herzog, Martin Schall
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Click here for the programme booklet with background information, photos and other material.

Digital introduction to the play by dramaturge Harald Wolff