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An immersive performance by Łukasz Twarkowski & team
Directed by: Łukasz Twarkowski

 6 hours
 Lithuanian, English, Russian with English and German surtitles
 Stroboscopic Light Effects
 From 18 years old
 35 euros, 8 euros for students
 6 hours
 Lithuanian, English, Russian with English and German surtitles
 Stroboscopic Light Effects
 From 18 years old
 35 euros, 8 euros for students

Techno, film, theatre, literature and the visual arts combine on this evening to form a world of their own. The public are invited to explore it as they wish: they may come and go, simply watch or become part of it, they can eat, dance or take a sauna with the actors and think about new forms of living together. In the end, the rave stands as an act of subcultural resistance against the impotence of our time.

What might a fairer world look like? How can we create this more environmentally conscious, peaceful society that is aware of the gaping emptiness inside it and can draw its own conclusions from the realisation that the concept of freedom cannot be linked only to individual advancement but also social progress? What story of tomorrow mightbe created? How can community be achieved despite all the current moves towards radicalisation?

Members of the multilingual ensemble around the director, video artist and raver Łukasz Twarkowski have conducted an experiment on themselves. For several weeks, they followed the example set by previous dropouts in human history, stepping away from course of time, cutting themselves off from everyday concerns, retreating into the forests of Lithuania and addressing existential questions, as well as their desperation and desires.

Twarkowski followed this process with his camera, and from this material, together with the writer Joanna Bednarczyk, the visual artist Fabien Lédé, the composer Bogumil Misala, DJ SPECTRIBE, the choreographer Pawel Sakowicz and the performers, he created a complex picture of the present, with all its social challenges and individual needs. This has now yielded a six-hour mockumentary for the stage that selects perspectives from the past and the future in order to view our own time.

Produced by Lithuania National Drama Theatre.
Co-produced by Münchner Kammerspiele.

The immersive theater experience RESPUBLIKA lasts six hours and ends each time with a rave.

Thursday, 14.7. 7:00pm - 1:00am
Friday, 15.7. 7:00pm - 1:00am
Saturday, 16.7. 7:00pm - 1:00am, followed by a final rave until 4:00am.

Each ticket to a RESPUBLIKA performance is also an invitation to the raves starting at 11:00pm on the other days. If you only want to come to the final rave without having visited RESPUBLIKA before, you can buy a late night ticket for 15,- (reduced 10,-).

A production of the Lithuania National Drama Theatre in co-production with the Münchner Kammerspiele.
  • With: Diana Anevičiūtė, Algirdas Dainavičius, Jan Dravnel, Airida Gintautaitė, Ula Liagaitė, Martynas Nedzinskas, Valentinas Novopolskis, Augustė Pociūtė, Gediminas Rimeika, Rytis Saladžius, Rasa Samauolytė, Nelė Savičenko, Vainius Sodeika, Komi Togbonou
  • Directed by: Łukasz Twarkowski
  • Production Management: Vidas Bizunevičius
  • Text, Dramaturge: Joanna Bednarczyk
  • Stage Design: Fabien Lede
  • Video Design : Karol Rakowski, Adomas Gustainis
  • Choreography : Paweł Sakowicz
  • Composition: Bogumił Misala
  • Costumes: Svenja Gassen
  • Lightning Design : Julius Kuršys, Dainius Urbonis
  • Stage: Karolis Juknys
  • Assistant Director: Eglė Švedkauskaitė
  • Assistant Dramaturge: Simona Jurkuvėnaitė
  • Assistant Stage Designer: Rokas Valiauga
  • Cinematography: Simonas Glinskis
  • Sound Design : Karolis Drėma, Adomas Koreniukas
  • Lightning: Edvardas Osinskis, Dainius Urbonis
  • Video: Adomas Gustainis
  • Camera: Šarūnas Liudas Prišmontas, Naglis Kristijonas Zakaras, Ričard Žigis
  • Editing: Vytenis Kriščiūnas
  • Assistant Production Management: Lukrecija Gužauskaitė
  • Translation: Vyturys Jarutis
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