Invitation to the #FemalePeacePalace-Slam

Women in war and resistance then and now

The #FemalePeacePalace slam accompanies the Female Peace Palace festival of the Münchner Kammerspiele and the Monacensia. We want to use it to pick up the themes of the Versammlung | Assembly (20.–22.4.2023) - women in war and resistance then and now. You want to join in? Keep on reading!

The #FemalePeacePalace Slam runs from April 11th to 28th. We are launching a mini series of articles. We asked the archive of the German women’s movement and the author Volha Hapeyeva to write an article on the 1915 International Peace Women Congress in The Hague and on the utopia of pacifism. In order to broaden the perspectives and discussions, we open the slam to all interested parties - even beyond the assembly, which you can watch on demand HERE in English. This gives you the opportunity to incorporate thoughts that arose from the impulses of the speakers at the symposium into your contributions.

Join in, discuss, write articles on the Assembly topics in your blog, as a podcast or on YouTube!

Pacifism as utopia in war, war as metaphor and expression of patriarchal structures, ideology as self-deception? In her literary essay for the #FemalePeacePalace slam, Volha Hapeyeva analyses the causes and cruelties of war and also questions how pacifism could succeed. Because even democracy is “no guarantee for peace”.

How did the International Women’s Peace Congress in The Hague in 1915 come about? What preparations were there? What did the women demand and who was involved and how? Dr Annika Wilmers (DIPF) and Laura Schibbe from the Archive of the German Women’s Movement (AddF) are digging deeper.

Internationaler Frauenfriedenskongress 1915 in Den Haag. Foto: LSE Library, WILPF/2011/18.

Internationaler Frauenfriedenskongress 1915 in Den Haag
Photo: LSE Library, WILPF/2011/18

“At the “First International Women’s Peace Conference ” in The Hague in 1915, 1200 women from 16 belligerent and neutral countries formulate common demands to world politics. They develop proposals for international law and feminist foreign policy. They passed 20 resolutions - including one on the very first day condemning rape as a weapon of war. They face the contradictions among “women enemies” and yet ask themselves whether and how diplomacy could be used to end wars.”

Possible slam topics on women in war and resistance - Versammlung | Assembly

For the #FemalePeacePalace slam, please have a look at the programme of the Versammlung | Assembly. It tells you which questions will be discussed. Here are some possible starting points:

  • What about our trust in democracy, human rights and international solidarity today?
  • What contradictions do we have to learn to endure?
  • What visions will carry us into a better future?
  • What is the significance of the Women’s Peace Congress to this day?
  • Feminist foreign policy - what are the perspectives?
  • How are women endangered in repressive regimes and in armed conflicts? What power lies in resistance, networking and assembly?
  • What is the relationship between art and war?
  • What does queer resistance and life in exile look like?

Feel free to bring up other aspects of women in war and resistance, whether historical, contemporary or bridging the two. We look forward to hearing your perspectives.

Your Female Peace Palace Team

Who can participate in the #FemalePeacePalace-Slam?

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Was erwartet euch zum #FemalePeacePalace-Slam?

Exchange, discussion, networking and different perspectives on women in war and resistance - that’s what you can expect!

Below this invitation to the slam you will find all the entries linked for quick reading access. So it’s worth checking back here from time to time and following us on the social web. If you like our articles, please feel free to share them: inform your friends and connect with us - we, the Münchner Kammerspiele and the Monacensia, look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

Proceedings of the #FemalePeacePalace Slam

Duration of the slam: 11-28 April

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What is the #FemalePeacePalace-Slam?

The #FemalePeacePalace slam is a temporary initiative and offers an attunement to the Versammlung | Assembly, which took place on 20-22.4.2023. We have asked the Archive of the German Women's Movement and the author Volha Hapeyeva to write an article on the topics of the symposium. Moreover, we are opening the slam to all interested parties. Poetry slams and science slams are the model. The term usually refers to a lecture competition. In our slam, however, no winners are chosen at the end, but impressions and ideas are submitted.

Participants with a blog, podcast or YouTube channel link their article to our invitation. We collect, link and promote the entries on the social web.