Polina Gordienko

Polina Gordienko was born in Ulan-Ude, Russia and moved shortly after to the capital of Belarus, Minsk with her parents. At the age of 15 she decided to leave her family in Belarus and move to her aunt to Munich in order to attend the Max-Josef-Stift-Gymnasium. Gordienko has studied economics, philosophy and history at the LMU Munich, where she currently completes her Master studies and teaches political philosophy. Since 2017 she is member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), where she is chairwoman of several SPD committees on the European and international politics and holds different positions within the party at the municipal level. In March 2020 she has been running for the Municipal Elections in Munich, where she has been elected to a local parliament in the south of Munich. Now Polina is deputy chairwoman of the local parliament and chairwoman of the committee on social affairs and education. Holding a democratic mandate, Gordienko takes part at the “Young Elected Politicians” Programme designed by the the European Committee of the Regions, where young local leaders from all EU countries exchange best practice among local and regional politicians network as well as the future challenges of the EU, including climate change, global health and democracy backsliding.