Yuriy Gurzhy

Yuriy Gurzhy, born in Ukraine, came to Berlin at the age of 20. He is a musician, DJ, producer and author. Together with the writer Wladimir Kaminer, he initiated the legendary party series Russendisko.

As singer and guitarist Gurzhy is an active member in the Emigrantski Raggamuffin collective RotFront and founded the Shtetl Superstars Band with Lemez Lovas. In 2016, he organised the Berlin party series “Born” that focuses on Ukrainian music.

In recent years, Gurzhy has written music for theatre and cinema: He founded the trio ”The Disorientalists” at Studio Я//Gorki Theater Berlin together with Daniel Kahn and Marina Frenk. In 2018 the trio performed his HipHopera “Bandera”. During 2020/21, Gurzhy streamed the regular DJ sets from the Panda Theatre Berlin. Together with Wladimir Kaminer and their joint new band “Kaminer & the Antikörpers” he released the CD “Bleib zu Hause, Mama!”.

In November 2021 Gurzhys first book “Richard Wagner & the Klezmerband. In Search of the New Jewish Sound in Germany” was published.