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Ya’nan Wang

WANG Ya’nan is dancer and choreographer. She graduated from Beijing Dance Academy in classical dance and worked in the ensemble of the National Oriental Sing and Dance Company in Beijing, with Living Dance Studio and founded in 2004 Le Se Dance Studio. She has been part of Paper Tiger since 2001 as performer and choreographer. In this capacity she has been part of “Iron Horse” (Hong Kong Arts Festival, 2014), “Totally Happy” (Münchner Kammerspiele, 2014), “Dekalog” (Stary Teatr Kraków, 2016), “500 Meters: Kafka, Great Wall or Images from the Unreal World and Daily Heroism” (Theater der Welt/Thalia Theater Hamburg, 2017), among others. As director and choreographer she created “Seven Seas” in 2018 as a contemporary children theatre performance. 2020 she participated in the Paper Tiger projects “Rewriting Theatre History” (manifesto, exhibition, festival) and “Infection, State of Emergency, Beethoven” (as performer online, space design).