Said Reza Adib

After training as a journalist at the Iranian news agency IRNA, Said Reza Adib (°1982 - he/his), took several courses in documentary filmmaking at the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. Between 2003 and 2009, Reza worked as a journalist for several Afghan and Iranian newspapers and magazines, including the Insaf newspaper, the weeklies Bahar and Eqtedare Melli, the monthly magazine Naway-e-Asr, as well as investigative magazine Barge-e-Sabz. Besides his work in the written press, he soon made a career in the audio-visual media. In 2004, he headed the news department of the commercial channel Ayna TV. In 2007, he joined the independent broadcaster Noorin Radio & TV in Kabul. Initially, he worked there as head of the news department, later as the head of political programming and from 2010 on as the general editor-in-chief. During the 2009 Afghan presidential elections, Reza served as the media adviser to Ashraf Ghani. In recent years, Reza has been working as a freelance photographer and independent documentary filmmaker in Greece and Finland. As a researcher, interpreter, writer, narrator and dramaturg, he collaborated on the sound performance Simple as ABC #3: The Wild Hunt (2019) and the immersive installations Simple as ABC #4: The Tunis Museum of Human-Hunting (2019) and Simple as ABC #6: The Antwerp Museum of Human-Hunting (2021). Most recently, Reza wrote and co-directed the documentary Even After Death (2020) and worked for the BBC as a researcher and reporter for the Panorama broadcast Coronavirus Crisis: Europe’s Migrant Camps (2020).