Sandra Strunz

Sandra Strunz, born in 1968, studied directing at the University of the Arts in Hamburg. In 2000, she was invited to the Impulse Festival with her production of “Parzival” and received the Young Director’s Prize for her production of “Frost” by Thomas Bernhard. Since then she has directed at the Thalia Theater Hamburg, the Staatstheater Stutt-gart, the Schauspiel Frankfurt, the Schauspiel Hannover, the Schauspielhaus Zürich, the Theater am Neumarkt Zürich, the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg and the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, among others. Sandra Strunz is always inspired by prose and is a visually powerful, physical and musical storyteller who loves to push boundaries. Most recently, she staged “Orfeo! Ein Mu-sik-Film-Theater” at Kampnagel with a baroque orchestra and celebrated a highly acclaimed premiere at the Munich Biennale 2022 with the world premiere of “The damned and the saved” by Ma-lin Bång / Pat To Yan.