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Campus #17 „R-Faktor. Das Unfassbare“

Artistic forms of protest against right-wing extremism workshops and inputs for young adults.

 25. & 26.4.2024
 Free of charge, register at
 25. & 26.4.2024
 Free of charge, register at
Thu 25.4.
Workshop How To Demo!

Do you want to know how to plan, organize and register a demonstration? In this workshop, Luc Ouali will show you what is involved and what steps are necessary to organize a demonstration, what rights you have and what you need to think about. Demonstrations are an important means of making your concerns and demands heard and standing up for them. So come along and get active!

Dinner at the theatre canteen
Watch the play "R-Faktor"
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Talk with actor Şafak Şengül
Fri 26.4.
16:00 - 17:00
"Wie gefährlich die AFD für Bayern wirklich ist"
Ein Input des Journalisten Robert Andreasch, der seit Jahren die rechtsextreme Szene in Bayern dokumentiert
17:00–19:00, Probebühne 1
Workshop "Ballroom Old Way" By JJ

Learn about the origins of ballroom and oldway/voguing. And try out elements of voguing with JJ. In a subsequent session with a battle situation, there will be room to apply what you have learned. Beginners welcome!

17:00 – 19:00, Theorieraum OFS
Workshop "Schreiben gegen Rechts", mit Theresa Seraphin vom Netzwerk Münchner Theatertexter*innen

Writing against the right. What does that actually mean within a democracy? You are angry, worried or feel left alone. The workshop is about writing down your thoughts and feelings about the political situation, sharing them and finding your own text form. What could your text look like as a means of protest? Banner, poster, poem, song lyrics, short story, etc.? Find out and let's network, write, discuss and stand up together as a civil society for the preservation of fundamental rights and democracy.

With Theresa Seraphin.

Dinner at the theatre canteen
Open Stage

With the Kammer Club, Queer BIPOC Munich, Tsarlotte Lucifer and Ballroom South Germany. The results of the workshops can be presented on the Open Stage, as well as other contributions.

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The Campus #17 program "R-Factor. Das Unfassbare" is designed by MK: Mitmachen together with the Kammer Club