Ein Mann mit grauen Haaren befindet sich vor einer weißen Wand. Er trägt einen grellen, blauen Pullover und hält sich die linke Hand vor den Mund.

Photo: Moritz Schnell


Alfred Dorfer: Gleich

The new solo program of the Vienna satirist

 Schauspielhaus
 11.4.2024
 Schauspielhaus
 11.4.2024

In his latest solo program “gleich”, his eighth, Alfred Dorfer happily writes his own world and shares it at eye level.

He changes his identity with the help of fake Wikipedia entries, talks about guardian angels who serve small beers or about aspiring doctors who play baseball with lower leg bones in a dissection course. The satirist is just as concerned about rainforest showers as he is about fairy tales. “Where were we? With the sunflowers. In my first pantomime lesson, we had to play sunflowers. I was a good sunflower.”

As a keen observer of our everyday lives, Viennese satirist Alfred Dorfer takes aim at social trends with sympathetic aplomb and a great deal of self-irony as his rhetorical brother Leichtfuß. He plays amusingly and skillfully with his audience. Nothing and nobody is safe from his unexpected trains of thought.

Alfred Dorfer is legendary for his acerbic humor and merciless gaze and has found his own personal style with his characteristic one-man theater, which many consider incomparable. This opinion was shared by members of the jury for the German Cabaret Award, the German and Bavarian Cabaret Awards, with which he was honored, as well as the Swiss Cabaret Award Cornichon. He also has experience as an actor, author, director and long-standing late-night talker.

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