Collage of various still images from the participating films.

Kino Asyl

Films from our homeland
Festive Festival Opening at Münchner Kammerspiele

 Werkraum
 26.11.2023
 Free of charge
 Werkraum
 26.11.2023
 Free of charge

Kino Asyl presents a diverse film program from around the world. Young adults with refugee experience select and curate films from their home countries. The audience experiences a journey through different film cultures, sometimes funny, sometimes heartrending and always special. Kino Asyl offers not only films, but also the personal stories of people who show their homeland through films. Film talks with the curators offer additional insights.

A selection of short films will be shown at the festive opening on 26.11. accompanied by live music.

The entire festival program (26.11.-1.12.2023) can be found on the Kino Asyl page (

Curator: Kasim
Date 26.11.2023 // 7:00 pm
Country: Uganda, USA
Director: Laki Karavias
Genre: Drama
Year: 2021
Duration: 14 min.
Language: Omu (gt. + eng.)

“I left Uganda and moved to Denmark to start a new life. And then I also left Denmark and my job there to start all over again, because my family could not accept that I am queer.
I mean, that’s what The Night I Left America is about: making the most difficult choices.”

Curated by Fatemeh
Date 26.11.2023 // 7:00pm
Country: Afghanistan
Director: Noor Mohammad Nouri
Genre: Drama
Year: 2020
Duration: 21 min.
Language: Omu (gt. + eng.)

“I want to show this film because the subject is very important to me. Like the main character in the film, I am also an actress. But since I’ve been in Germany, I can only really be that. If I had stayed in Afghanistan, I would be in a similar situation to the woman in the film.”

Curators: Firas & Marwan
Date 26.11.2023 // 7:00 pm
Country: Yemen, Germany
Director: Firas & Marwan
Genre: Film Biography
Year: 2023
Duration:15 min.
Language: German

“The film is about the life of a young man who fled the war in Yemen, only to be confronted with a new war in his mind. The question remains: can he flee again?”