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Dies Das episode no. 2 with Dr. Nidžara Ahmetašević and Asmir Šabić

The Game: Refugees on the Balkan Route in Winter - Migration Crisis, or Political Crisis of the EU?
Talk by and with Tuncay Acar with Dr. Nidžara Ahmetašević and Asmir Šabić
Curation Tuncay Acar

 Livestream
 21.4.2021
 Free of charge
 Livestream
 21.4.2021
 Free of charge

The so-called Balkan route has been formally closed, but thousands of refugees and displaced persons still cross it. Or they stay in one of the countries along the route: Kosovo, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Of these countries, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia are candidates for European Union membership. This means that they will adopt and apply EU legislation.

However, the EU has paid little attention to the treatment of refugees and migrants in this region - especially as border closures and push-backs are becoming more common, even within the EU.
No one knows exactly how many migrants and refugees are currently stranded in Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Serbia.
What is the situation in Bosnia and in East-West Europe? Who is responsible for their inhumane situation? What are the conditions for asylum seekers and people on the run? Is there a strategy and how can we help those in need? Where does the aid money go and who disposes of it?

This event wants to put a political focus on the development and create an opportunity to bring the issue further into the European public sphere, to show network links and to give people the opportunity to get involved in the political discourse - in addition to getting involved in the form of aid deliveries and donations. The aim is to create a political solution for this human rights plight in the middle of Europe through public pressure.

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