Help after the Earthquake

After the severe earthquakes in the Turkish-Syrian border region, the situation on the ground is catastrophic. Especially in the Kurdish areas of south-eastern Turkey and northern Syria, state aid is rare and slow to arrive. Millions of Syrian people are terrified, traumatized and homeless in the middle of winter. They are people who barely survived 12 years of war, who had to live with the devastating economic reality of the post-war period without electricity and oil and are now losing the last thing they had: their housing!

You, our audience, have donated over 23.000 Euros! We are overwhelmed by your generosity and would like to say a big thank you to all donors.

We donate to the following organizations that help people locally

Medico international

Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê e.V.

Die Weißhelme

Ärzte ohne Grenzen

Thank you!