Younes Saramifar

Yours Saramifar is a cultural anthropologist and assistant professor at the Department of Anthropology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He holds two doctorates, one is Sociology of Resistance Movements and another in Anthropology of Memory in Post Conflict Conditions. His research interests begin with the mundane affairs of everyday life and end up in more weird and lesser explored corners of existence such as pleasure of violence and subject-object relationship in combat zones. He questions militant subjectivities, sexuality, social reproduction of violence, and ecological break down. Currently, he is working on securitization of ecology and water scarcity as well as the influence of religion and piety on sexual conducts of Muslim females in the Middle East. He avoids conventional academic structure by bringing storytelling into classrooms and academic writings while he remains inspired by post-structuralism and speculative realism.